Specializing in database driven web applications, I've been professionally programming in PHP for over fourteen years. Recently, I've been developing the second version of a web application to produce a detailed business plan for entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. This Zend Framework based project is far more advanced and stable than it's predecessor. Find out more here.


Having spent the last sixteen years retouching images for the advertising industry, I've aquired the nessesary skills to retouch almost anything. My credits include such major brands as Black Velvet, Budweiser, Merillat, Rain Soft and many more. Check out some of the examples here.


Graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography, majoring in industrial / scientific photography with a minor in commercial photography, I've honed the skills to light any situation quickly and efficently. I've been primarily shooting television commercial but occationally got the oportunity to work on various long form conent such as Inside The Rings, The Secret Things of God and several others. My commercial credits include Rent-A-Center, Wisconsin Lottery, Wheel of Fortune, Skyline Chili and many others. See a few of them here.


Cookie chupa chups cheesecake pudding tootsie roll gummies. Chocolate cake wafer sugar plum muffin. Muffin cheesecake gummi bears bonbon apple pie cupcake gummies carrot cake tiramisu.


With a small arsinal of metal working tools and machines, I can handle most small machining and fabrication jobs. I've modified both my milling machine and lathe to add accuracy and capability. Check out some of the projects I've done.